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Billy Covington joined the Jenkins Athletic Club in 1967 and is currently JAC’s executive director, a position he has held for more than 25 years. In that time, Billy has helped grow the Club's thriving Basketball and youth athletic programs. He is a friend to many and mentor to the girls and boys who come through the JAC year after year.

"The staff and the mentors of the club were a big influence on my life. It got me into basketball, where I was able to get a college scholarship.”

Billy Covington

Executive Director


Executive Committee

President                  Don Smith

Vice President              Patrick Graham

   Treasurer                   Dewey Delettre

  Secretary                    Mark Stevens


Executive Director          Billy Covington

Board of Directors

Nino Aliotta

Toby Browne

Sam Carter

Bob Cornwell

Jason Ford

Johnie Lynes

Claire Cornwell-Williams

Leon Parrish

Wade Poston

Jay  Thompson

Bill Gardner

Joe Mathews

Sam Mikell

Randy Giles

Michael Lariscy

Chris Hafer

Dr. Melissa Wynn

Mickey Minick

Dr. Chris Nicholson

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